About us

We are a firm of experienced specialist property litigation solicitors. This means that all our resources and expertise are dedicated to the issues arising from holding property as an investment or from occupying it as a commercial tenant.

Clients tell us what sets us apart from other legal advisers is the reassurance that comes from our straight talking personal service and superior tactical ability.

They value the fact we tell them if a case isn’t worth running.

And that if it is, we thoroughly plan, communicate and deliver the results they need.

We act as true business partners to our clients and have developed a reputation for ‘never giving up’ when it comes to getting results.

We provide consistently high quality, commercially relevant property litigation advice for our clients across the UK. Contact us

Meet the team


Lexcel Accredited

Lexcel accredited logoLexcel is the Law Society’s industry leading practice standard for how law firms should be managed.

We believe being Lexcel accredited is formal recognition of the way in which we manage our work, placing emphasis on our clients and always acting in their best interests. It reflects our rigorous and thorough in-house systems that enable us to provide a superior service to our clients.


Our approach to costs can be summed up in one word – flexible. For some cases we can work on a fixed fee, for others an amount to reach a particular stage is appropriate and for others the number of variables means that an hourly rate is the best way forward. However we never lose sight of the fact that every case must be cost effective and that governing principle underlines our approach to costs.

Recommended Specialists

Dawkins Specialist Civil Enforcement Agents are bailiffs who have over twenty years’ experience in recovering commercial rent arrears and also undertaking forfeiture by means of peaceable re-entry on behalf of landlords and their advisors. We are happy to work with them and recommend them to our clients.  www.dawkins.co.uk

We are happy to recommend to our clients the services of surveyors and property consultants with whom we work. This includes Caxtons Chartered Surveyors.